Optimize Your iPhone 5 Battery Life For Almost Nothing

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on January 5, 2016

If there is one thing long time Apple users bemoan, it is the severe deterioration of battery duration on the iPhone 4 and 5/5S/5C devices. In as little as six months, you will likely find yourself scrambling around for a charger and outlet half way through the day. This is unpreventable at a certain point because the battery that has come installed in your phone does have a limit on the number of cycles it can go through. With that said, if your iPhone is in perfect condition and only suffering from weak battery life there are several options for you and you actually don't need to get an entirely new device from your telecom carrier.

Turn Power Savings Mode On

Our first recommendation would be to minimize the use of unnecessary apps and features when they are not in use. For example, turning down the overall brightness, or sleep timing can extend your battery life by using less power. The newest iOS version actually includes a low power mode which turns down all these extra processes to a minimum. So when your battery bar goes to red (or even just gets close), turn this option on and you will likely get able to squeeze enough out of your phone to get through the day.

iPhone Battery Replacement

We've covered the expansion of local PC repair options in Winnipeg and how they can help you get the most out of your PC or laptop, and fortunately the same type of service is available for iPhone users. If you are near Pembina, McPhillips or even just downtown there are several cell phone repair shops that can replace your battery with a factory fresh unit that will last just as long as the one your iPhone initially came with. For the technically inclined and in my opinion brave, you can actually get the battery yourself off Amazon and repair outlets like iFixit and install it yourself. While it is inexpensive enough through a local Winnipeg iPhone repair shop, this certainly is an easy repair to do yourself. There are only three screws holding the back of your iPhone together and you can actually just pop the battery in place relatively easily.

In either case this is one of the most underrated repairs out there, and if you can get it done certainly do it instead of buying an entirely new phone. Check out Matrix Repairs in Winnipeg for the best prices, service and turnaround time we highly recommend them!…

Affordable iPhone Repairs In Fort Worth TX

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on December 16, 2015

Almost everyone has an iPhone these days and in the 8 years since its initial release Apple has made incredibly improvements in both the software functionaries as well as the hardware and construction. However awesome this is, many Fort Worth and Dallas users find themselves with broken iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 screen and need a convenient, affordable and most of all quality repair service. Apple has notably responded to this demand by releasing their Apple Care warranty last year which entitles users to two replacement phones shipped to your door. The value is incredible, however it does not address the problem of out of warranty iPhone's and miscellaneous repair issues for older iPhone's many in Fort Worth experience. In today's post we'll explore these hardware problems and how you can have them fixed locally by an experienced technician.

Weak Battery Life - Especially With iPhone 4 and 5

If your battery life has you frustrated and you are the owner of an early iPhone 5 or 4S, this is not uncommon and is a relatively easy solution to find. The lithium-ion battery used by Apple has improved with every release but as your apps and hardware uses more 'juice' you can expect it to fail after a few hundred thousand charges and re-charges. Apple Care warranties are great, but they are best saved for disastrous issues like broken or smashed screens. Let a professional and experienced cell phone repair technician in Fort Worth remove your current battery and install a high quality OEM replacement. You'd be surprised to find out that this can be done for super affordable rates and can actually be done on the spot in most instances.

fort worth iphone repair

iPhone 5 Home / Power Unresponsive

Wear and tear can result in a broken screen, but also other components in your iPhone can be susceptible to becoming broken or unresponsive. Your home and power (also known as lock button) might become unresponsive and need to be pressed several times. Once again, Apple has no immediate fix for this other than buying a new iPhone, so we'd recommend calling your most trusted Fort Worth iPhone Repair shop and asking them to fix it. The parts themselves are relatively inexpensive, but the process does require a steady hand so make sure you only go to the most qualified repair shop.…

Repairing Your Broken iPhone Screen

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on November 25, 2015

Ever found yourself with a broken iPhone screen and wondering how to get it fixed? Or even better, have you ever needed your phone fixed ASAP for a trip or meeting however didn't want to pay for it with your entire account balance? Your certainly not alone, and that is exactly why Apple as well as third party PC and laptop repair shops have started filling the need by offering iPhone screen, battery, home button and charging port repairs. The process is a bit different depending on what model of phone you have as well as whether you go through Apple or a third party 'DIY' type solution.

Repairing Broken iPhone 4/4S LCD Screens In Less Than An Hour

Older iPhone 4/4S devices were not supported by the current 2015 Apple Care warranties and you might find yourself out of luck with a broken or cracked front display. Also, iPhone 4 devices notoriously suffer from poor battery life and getting a solution to that problem that's affordable and convenient can mean the difference between keeping your phone and splurging on something totally different and obviously more expensive. Aside from the speed differences. if you are satisfied with your iPhone 4S but only suffering from a cracked or broken screen, or weak battery life then definitely look into local Regina iPhone screen repair options. You can get a new battery installed for as little as $30-40. Your broken iPhone screen can be replaced for as little as $50-60 due to the high volume and availability of replacement screens on the third party market. Newer iPhone models will cost more to get repaired outside of the officially sanctioned Regina Apple stores, however for older devices there is little choice so third party services are more popular than ever.

Fixing A Water Damaged iPhone In Regina

Replacing the battery or screen is easy compared to fixing the liquid damage that can occur if you decide to go swimming and leave your iPhone in your pocket. Water and frankly any liquid can corrode the interior components and getting it fully repaired and working again is risky. The best practices according to local iPhone and cell phone repair professionals in Regina is to turn the device off and bring it into an experienced technician who can clean out the interior of the device and replace any damaged or heavily corroded areas.


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PC Repair Options in Winnipeg

Posted in PC Repair on November 20, 2015

winnipeg pc repair

Laptop problems are pretty common given the variety of models and price points available on the market. Finding a trusted, affordable and trusted repair solution can be even more frustrating. Should you just buy a new PC? Is repairing and replacing certain components a good long term solution? For the average Winnipeg laptop user (student, young professional or senior), sorting out the good from the bad as well as the mandatory from the shiny and unneeded up sell is essential.

Common repairs that people approach local Winnipeg PC repair shops for include spills on laptop keyboards, broken or cracked laptop screens and even charging port issues. In most cases these can be fixed, but its also important to note that in some instances it may not be worth the hassle and you can easily get a much better laptop for marginally more. As more and more people switch to laptops as their primary machine over classic desktops, there have been many 'budget' options come out on the market which are not always economical to repair. Chances are if you've spent less than $700 on your laptop, the parts needed to fix your individual issue may be more expensive than selling your machine for a loss and getting a newer, faster laptop.

With this said, you can definitely fix certain issues that regularly occur when you use a laptop for hours a day all year. Spills on keywords, broken or cracked displays, unresponsive touchpads - these can all be repaired relatively inexpensively it's just a matter of finding the local PC repair shop in Winnipeg that can order the parts in from an established supplier and get it installed by an experienced technician. Of course make sure whatever computer repair shop in Winnipeg you choose they have a proper warranty that covers their labor.


What To Do If Your iPhone Won't Charge

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on November 17, 2015

iphone repair lubbock

The most common issue you can find online when it comes to iPhone repair is a broken screen, but the second most common repairs we see is definitely charging problems which can be just as annoying. If one day you just noticed your iPhone won't recognize the charging cable and you can't charge or sync up to iCloud, here are some courses of action you can take.

There are two main reasons your iPhone would suddenly stop accepting a charge, and it's mainly due to the actual charging apparatus malfunctioning but can also be due to the battery failing . The easiest way to narrow this down is to have an experienced iPhone repair technician in Lubbock take a look at your device . You should also try using different lightning or USB charging cables if possible, if not a local Lubbock iPhone repair shop should be able to test this pretty easily. Not every iPhone repair business is the best though, and some might charge you too much for a simple diagnostic. For this reason we recommend confirming any prices before hand and making sure they fix the actual problem and nothing else. For more info about our full repair price list click here to see our recommended vendors page

For a simple charging port repair you are likely looking at $30-40 for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5's, however a bit more for the iPhone 6's due to a shorter supply of quality components. Many people believe the prices are higher to gouge consumers but the reality is that getting proper quality parts is harder for newer iPhone models, especially in the smaller markets like Lubbock. Add in the careful hands needed to repair such a small and delicate component and it's pretty easy to spend the extra money to make sure you get your iPhone charging again so you can send and receive texts and phone calls.

On the other hand, this repair can actually be completed in as little as 30 minutes, so you won’t be without your phone for very long.…

The Reality of Fixing Your Own iPhone 5 Screen

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on September 2, 2015

You or a friend has likely broken an iPhone 5 or 5S screen before and had to deal with the dilemma of who is going to fix it, how much it is going to cost and how long you're going to need to be without your beloved iPhone. Options vary, from getting an entirely new iPhone from Apple, to paying a third party cell phone repair shop in Kingston, even DIY repair kits are gaining in popularity. On Anti-Corruption today we thought we would break down the pros and cons of each option so you know what the trade off is and you can essentially make the most educated guess possible - and minimize downtime because we all know Candy Crush is a legit addiction 😉

Take Your Broken iPhone To an Apple Retail Store in Kingston, ON

The Kingston Apple Retail location operates like any other outfit across Canada and the United States - they will trade you your broken device for a discount on a refurbished one regardless of the issue - in most cases. On the other hand if you have an Apple Care warranty, you can process a replacement in store and have a broken or cracked screen fixed or a new one shipped out to you right away. You'll likely get it within 48 hours and it will be Apple certified so you know nothing sketchy is going on.

iPhone 4/5 Kingston Repair Shops Locally Found

A quick Google search for iphone repair kingston will yield tons of little PC/laptop repair shops that have come up and started offering same day repair of all the common nuisance issues that you will likely encounter and get frustrated over. Dead batteries, charging ports acting irregular, audio issues and of course a broken screen can all be fixed with OEM quality replacement parts - usually within a day and the prices are always competitive. The onus is on you as the consumer to make sure you're dealing with the right companies since this does void your already expired warranty and you'll be on your own if anything goes wrong.

iPhone Repair Kingston

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Fix Your iPhone In Under An Hour

Posted in Cell Phone Repair on August 17, 2015

As with any technological problems, getting the issue solved ASAP and within budget is pretty crucial. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to iPhone and iPad repair especially since a moment doesn’t go by without us checking emails, Instagram, or in general relying on our phone to work and be responsive. The most common scenario people find themselves in is looking at a cracked or unresponsive iPhone 6 screen, however there are numerous  other hardware problems you can encounter – whether you’ve dropped your device or it’s simply succumbed to wear and tear – there are local options available to you that make the repair process easy and affordable in Vancouver.

It would obviously be ideal if Apple serviced all of their own models when it came to getting issues fixed but they simply offer you a refurbished device and upsell you on other features at the moment. This has opened up space for third party cell phone repair shops in Vancouver to offer a better, faster, and overall more affordable repair experience using high quality OEM replacement components. Despite what Apple says, the LCD/digitizer component can be manufactured elsewhere and while you are voiding the official warranty replacing it, the alternative can be even more expensive.

Common iPhone Issues Fixed in Downtown Vancouver BC

Replacing the front LCD, if cracked or broken is definitely the most common repair that needs to be done, but there are tons of other issues that can be fixed without you splurging close to $1,000 on a new iPhone. Battery life is a constant battle for some users and the reality is you can actually get the standard factory installed battery replaced and be on your way to getting through the entire day without chasing down a charger.

The same can be done with other problematic issues such as broken home, or power buttons - the parts are relatively inexpensive and an experienced technician can get the job done in an hour or less. Compared to updating and transferring all your data over to a new device and the cost associated with it, a quick $50-75 and a one hour downtime seems like a great alternative and it's available in most Vancouver cell phone repair shops.


iPhone Repair Vancouver
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Should You Trust Third Party iPhone Repair?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 2, 2015

A broken iPhone or iPad is something you obviously want to prevent, but the truth is it will likely happen especially when you use your iPhone or iPad device as much as most people do. Unfortunately the service and support provided by Apple is limited, and unless you opted for the Apple Care warranty, you're likely looking into third party repair services in the Tallahassee FL area or perhaps even upgrading to the next shinier model. We'll go over the basic aspects of iPhone and iPad repair in this post so you can get that cracked or broken screen, bad battery, or non-working speakerphone replaced.

Should I Use Third Party iPhone and iPad Repair Services?

Most people are wary of bringing their busted or cracked iPhone to a random shop to get repaired and this is for good reason. Both a new iPhone and iPad are getting close to $1,000 in price, especially when you factor in the $200+ for the standard Apple Care warranty. The last thing you'd want is some kid who watched a few YouTube videos taking apart your device, and we totally sympathize with you on that point. Much like any local service, the responsibility lies with you to make sure you're getting the best quality and service possible. The truth is there are reputable third party service providers in the Tallahassee area, and getting a broken iPhone LCD screen repaired within a day or two is completely affordable and realistic. However with this specifically, there are tons of cheap, low quality screens flooding the market and while you might think you're saving $15-20, this will come back to bite you in the ass the next time you drop your phone - cheap screens can even break when dropped on carpet! Many people simply need to get a crack or other front blemish fixed and their phone is as good as new, so wrestling over saving a minuscule amount of money seems silly relatively speaking.

Find the highest quality iPhone repair service in Tallahassee by asking your friends, relatives, family members and even looking online for reviews from reputable review sites like Yelp and Google places.…